CyberMentors referral sites spring up in schools across the UK

14 April 2010

Young CyberMentors across the UK are taking activism to new heights by setting up their own school websites to promote CyberMentors and to raise awareness of offline mentoring services by young CyberMentors in their schools. Two of the most successful sites have been set up at Horbury School in Wakefield and at Samuel Whitbread Community College.

The school websites mean that students being bullied can ask for a session outside of school and do not have to go to Student Services (which often means that everyone would then know that they were being bullied). The Samuel Whitbread Community College CyberMentors site has been set up by Joe O’Dell, a year 9 G+T student, who has built in a referral system to give students the ability to book in sessions, whilst coordinating with the Pastoral Care and Child Protection teams in the school.

Joe has also set up an online Resource Centre carrying CyberMentors flyers and info sheets, including reference cards for young LGBT students, so they can log on the LGBT room on the CyberMentors site and talk to an LGBT counsellor in confidence. The centre also carries detailed contact information for CyberMentors working both off and online, so that they can refer directly to School Child Protection Officers and Pastoral care staff.




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